Three coaches from the Limerick Institute of Technology, Thurles Campus along with their lecturer visited Soccernites to carry out a structured practical strength & fitness workshop as part 2 of the SARI/LIT field testing of STEMS, the transfer of innovation project funded under the EU Leonardo Da VInci programme. The objective of this exercise was to build cultural competence capacity in the students in order to animate the modular units of the draft Diversity in and through Sport manual. The procedure, following on from the part 1 workshop carried out by Ken Mc Cue, SARI International Officer on the Thurles Campus, involved a briefing and debriefing sessions.

The players, who were Guinea pigs for the night, got a lot from the experience, and, from the moaning and groaning during the session, it was easy to see that the Soccerniters haven't been stretched this far before. The next session, which will take place on Friday 16th November, will involve circuit training and will show the Soccerniters what it's like to step up to near pro level. The final session will involve a visit to the Thurles Campus of LIT, a visit to Semple Stadium and a game against a local club.