Child Protection in Sport Policy

Our code of good practice for children’s sport to promote the need of all children in our care.

Objective: for underage players to benefit from and participate in sport in a safe and enjoyable environment where games are conducted in a spirit of Fair Play

In our work with children and young people, SARI will always be guided by the core principle that ‘the Welfare of the Child shall be the Paramount Consideration’.

Coaches and all club personnel must implement best practice in protecting the welfare of participan


As a sports coach/trainer, I pledge to do the following when I am involved in sporting activity with children and young people:

  1. I will make sure my own behaviour is calm and respectful and I will be clear about the standards of behaviour I expect from children and young people.
  2. If there is anger and disagreements between children and young people I will call a time out and try to resolve the issues calmly.
  3. I will not ignore a child or refuse them access to basic necessities.
  4. I will not try to punish a child by mocking, teasing or laughing at them or trying to embarrass them in front of others.
  5. I will not behave sexually towards a child or touch them in a sexual way.
  6. I will not hit or strike a child as a punishment for bad behaviour.
  7. I will make sure that I know where to get help to treat sports injuries safely to minimise further harm or infection.
  8. I will do everything I can to make sure that the physical environment where the children in my care are playing is as safe and appropriate as possible.

As a member of this sports club, I agree to help to protect myself and other people in these ways:

  1. I understand that I should be able to take part in sport safely.
  2. I will tell an adult I trust if anything worries me.
  3. I will respect myself and behave respectfully – politely, considerately and thoughtfully – towards other people.
  4. I will try to keep calm if there is a disagreement.
  5. I understand that other people should not be allowed to hit me. I will take care not to hurt other people.
  6. I understand that I should not be bullied. I will not bully other people.
  7. I understand that other people should not shout at me to upset or scare me. I will not shout at other people.
  8. I understand that my sexual parts (breasts, bottom or genitals) should not be touched by other people. I should not act in a sexual way towards myself or other children.
  9. I understand that if any physical force is used by adults it should only be used to secure my safety or that of other children and young people.

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