Sport Against Racism Ireland

SARI is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven social enterprise with charitable status dedicated to using sport as a medium to promote social inclusion, cultural integration, global development and peacebuilding at home and abroad; while addressing the issues that violate human rights such as racism, sectarianism, homophobia, conflict and all forms of discrimination. SARI is governed by a board of directors and has an Education and International Departments with sub-committees on Projects/Events, Global Development Education, Finance, Media, Youth Leadership and Employability.




Our mission is to promote and support cultural integration, social inclusion and cohesion in the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and abroad by using sport as a medium to combat racism, sectarianism, xenophobia, homophobia and all other forms of discrimination.




  • Present sporting and cultural events that bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Create opportunities for young people to participate in social integration projects at home and abroad
  • Promote intercultural dialogue and celebrate cultural diversity through projects in schools
  • Encourage government agencies and national sports bodies to adopt anti - racism measures and inclusion of policies and practices


SARI is a not for profit organisation with charitable status, Charity Number 13274 and Company Number 292843, that was set up in July 1997 as a direct response to the growth of racist attacks from a small but vocal section of people in Ireland.


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