We are currently fundraising for the 23rd annual intercultural Soccerfest which we are hoping will take place in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, on Saturday 12th September 2020. Soccerfest is the largest intercultural football tournament on the island of Ireland and brings together over 400 players - from more than 60 countries - now residing in Ireland. This year's Soccerfest is dependent on the Covid-19 restrictions. We hope to have further information after July 20th. We welcome all donations towards the costs of Soccerfest or if you would like to sponsor one of the Direct Provision Centre or Refugee teams then team entry is €150. We are also fundraising for our Anti-discrimination workshops which we deliver to primary schools across Ireland at no cost. In 2019 more than 3,000 children took part in the workshops. If you would like further information on either Soccerfest or the Anti-discrimination workshops and/or how to donate please contact SARI by email: or call the office on 01.873.5077

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Did you know that that SARI can claim back thousands of Euro from the Revenue Commissioners each year? Your donation of €250 or more in any year could be worth up to 72% more to us at no extra cost to you.

If you are a PAYE tax-payer, and have donated €250 or more to Sari during the tax year, you can reclaim the tax paid on your donation. This only applies to personal donations you have made and not on money you have raised through sponsorship.

We can reclaim an extra 20% of the value of your donation if you are a standard rate tax-payer of 20%. So if you’ve donated €250 during the year, this is worth an extra €62.50 to us.
€250 x 100/80 = €312.50_ €312.50 - €250 = €62.50

We can reclaim an extra 42% of the value of your donation if you are a higher rate tax-payer of 42%. So if you have donated €250 during the year, this would be worth an extra €181.03 to us.
€250 x 100/58 = €431.03_€431.03 - €250 = €181.03

By simply fillling in and returning a Tax Relief Form (CHY2 Cert) to us you can help SARI reclaim extra funds from the Revenue Commissioners.
This extra funding will make a great difference to us.

Your details are confidential to us and the Revenue Commissioners. The information will not be used for anything other than the tax claim.

If you are self-assessed or a corporation, you can reclaim the tax paid on your donation.

Ask us for a copy of your donation history and attach it to your Annual Tax Return Form/Corporation Tax Form.