World Refugee Day Fair Play Cup

SARI celebrates World Refugee Day by working with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Office in Ireland to organise the Fair Play Football Cup. This tournament involves over 200 football players drawn from refugee and community groups. The Fair Play Football Cup seeks to celebrate the contribution of refugees to communities throughout Ireland and to highlight the continued plight of the millions of people throughout the world who are forced to flee their homes to seek refuge and protection. The 2016 World Refugee Day Fair Play Cup was opened by President Michael D. Higgins.


  • To highlight positive refugee experiences in two ways; refugees’ positive experience of Ireland and their positive contributions to Ireland
  • To mark World Refugee Day with a multicultural sport event which would generate a positive experience for young refugees, general public and others working within the refugee and asylum fields
  • To generate positive publicity for World Refugee Day via media coverage of the event
  • To encourage media coverage to extend to popular media such as the tabloids through the combination of sports and celebrities as this is an issue they mey not otherwise cover


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