During a recent visit to Dublin of artists and athletes from the Iranian City of Isfahan, SARI facilitated a display of the ritual sports of Pahlevani and Zurkhaneh in Ballybane Community Library, Galway and at the Black Box Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin. Accompanying the athletes were traditional musicians who performed with ancient Persian instruments including a Daf and Dayereh forerunners to the Bodhran used in Irish music.

The project is first in a series of joint-ventures involving sports organisations in Iran and Sport Against Racism Ireland with the support of the Embassy of the IR Republic of Iran in Ireland.

SARI and the Embassy would like to express our gratitude to intercultural workers Anna King and Triona nic Giolla Chiolla along with the staff at Ballybane Library who gave us a great Galway welcome. Special thanks also goes to the directors and crew of the Shakespeare Festival at Trinity College who programmed the athletes and musicians into their schedule making reference to the Persian influences in the works of The Bard'.

Further information contact: Ken McCue at SARI