The annual Ranji Trophy once again proved to be a fantastic success, and the sun blessed the celebration of the legendary Indian cricketer Ranjiitsinhji at Malahide Cricket Club. Twelve leading companies including representatives from AIB, Amazon, Dell, ESB, RaboBank, Fidelity, Google, Intel, Microsoft , Android, Vendors Team and RCCI all competed in a 6-a-side action-packed day of cricket.

After a thrilling final Microsoft emerged as eventual winners, whilst Dell finished second and AIB third. However, all the teams must be commended on their effort and in making another incredible event. The event is named in honour of Ranjitsinhji, the ‘Maharaja of Connemara' who played for Sussex and England and who lived at Ballynahinch Castle, Connemara from 1924 to 1933. Not only was Ranjitsinhji a great advocate of anti-racism and prejudice but this tournament is a testament to his legendary cricket status. Ranji became the first Indian selected to play test Cricket for England and during his career set batting records, some of which stand to this day:

- topped the English batting averages for 3 seasons in a row
- the first batsman to score 3,000 runs in a season (1899)
- had two centuries in a single match on the same day
- scored 72 centuries in first-class cricket
- scored an aggregate 24,692 runs in 500 innings, 62 times not out at an average of 56.37
- scored five double centuries in a season
- the first batsman to score 1,000 runs in a month twice in a single year
- the first batsman to score 11 centuries in a season (1900)
- first batsman to score 100 runs in same season in Test cricket
- the first sportsman to have an endorsement contract

‘‘Ranji is the batting wonder of the age. His play was a revelation to us, with his marvellous cutting and his extraordinary hitting to the leg. I have never seen anything to equal it...If the word genius can be employed in connection with cricket it surely applies to the young Indian batsman...'' Wisden 1897

The competency of cricket on show throughout the day varied; however this did not stop the tournament being a great success. The food provided from Jaipur was a taste of exquisite Indian cuisine, and the entertainment showcased the best of Irish and Indian heritage. Indian children danced in traditional costume followed by an amazing singing performance from a seven-year-old girl, displaying some of the wonderful aspects of Indian culture. These great performances were mirrored by a group of girls from Comhaltas Ceoiteori in Malahide performing Irish tunes. The Ranji Cricket Trophy is not only a true celebration of Irish and Indian culture, but it signifies the culmination of two great cricketing nations in which sport has acted as a bridge to encourage positive cultural and ethnic relations. 



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