Despite turmoil on the economic front in the EU, Europe Day (May 9) was celebrated at Civil Service Cricket Grounds, Phoenix Park, Dublin in a spirit of unity through sport. With participants from the Aran Islands to the Urals, young people, guests of Sport Against Racism Ireland and the Gaelic Athletic Association, pucked and flicked their way through eight stick games in the inaugural 'Stick with Diversity' multisports festival.

Mirel Basic, a participant from Bosnia, welcomed the opportunity to meet peers from the other Balkan States on a level playing field in a neutral space. 'Sport is the one medium that unites us all, Christian, Muslim, black and white. By staging this event during EU Year of Solidarity between the Generations, SARI and the GAA have proved that passing the baton of Peace to the Youth of Europe and the World will result in a more humane society based on Human Rights and dignity for all. There is no going back to an era of hatred and animosity. This is the formula we need to bring all the 'New Europeans' together. If we are to have a successful expansion of the EU, we must build trust and social capital among the international diaspora here in the Irish Republic. I commend SARI and the GAA for this unique sporting initiative'.



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