This year we are very pleased to be working with Sport Ireland to launch the European Week of Sport (EWS) at Soccerfest. The EWS is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to promote sport and health enhancing physical activity for everyone regardless of age, background or fitness level. In addition, sport has the potential to breakdown barriers and address ongoing challenges in European society.

Since we began in 1997 SARI has used sport to promote social inclusion, cultural integration and peacebuilding. At Soccerfest 2016 we are delighted to be hosting a number of national sporting bodies who are presenting fun activities to introduce their sports. These include Climbing, Tug of War, Cricket, GAA Recreational Rounders, Orienteering, Table tennis and Walking - Walking Football and a Nature Trail Walk. We hope you will take the opportunity to try out these sports no matter what age, background or fitness level you are. Sport is for everyone.

To see schedule of sports at Soccerfest Click here