RTE Young Peoples Programmes are planning to give five guys and five girls the opportunity of a lifetime to take on the Ultimate Street Challenge this summer. The streets of Dublin will become their urban gym as they battle to become Ultimate Street Challenge Champion. The entire competition will take place over an intensive four week period. Ten will start out - living, training and competing together and against each other. As the competition intensifies, each contestant will have to work hard to keep their place. This is a knock out competition which will culminate in a battle between the final four to win the title of Ultimate Street Challenge Champion.

Ultimate Street Challenge is not about being the star of the school football team or the best hockey player in your class. It’s about being up for a challenge and being brave.

Are you healthy and reasonably fit? Do you have a sense of adventure and are you willing to take on new challenges and conquer them?

Are you sixteen years old and prepared to give it your all to become a winner? Can you be a team player when you have to be but know when you need to go it alone? Will you do what you need to do to win and become Street Challenge Champion.

FOR APPLICATION FORM GO TO: http://www.rte.ie/trte/ultimatestreetchallenge/