Living Together Through Football
Living Together Through Football is designed as an operational unit of our integrative anti-racism project that dovetails the methodology required to combat racism and sectarianism in society on the island of Ireland. Recognising that sectarianism is the 'first cousin' of racism, SARI has been the prime mover NGO using effective systems to overcome the undercurrents of hate built up over the generations in a divided society. With funding from the King Baudouin Foundation and support from major civil society actors, SARI has succeeded in creating an effective 'tried in the field' template that has informed transfer of innovation portfolios in Education through Sport across Europe.
Football For Hope
Launched by FIFA in 2005, Football for Hope is an initiative contributing to social development around the world. Support is provided to selected programmes run by non-governmental organisations that use football as a tool in their daily work to engage children and young people. SARI are honoured to be supported by FIFA's Football For Hope programme.

Football For Hope is a movement that uses the power of the game for positive social change. It is led by FIFA and streetfootballworld, a centre of expertise that connects a global network of organisations in the field of development through football.