Football For Hope

Launched by FIFA in 2005, Football for Hope is an initiative contributing to social development around the world. Support is provided to selected programmes run by non-governmental organisations that use football as a tool in their daily work to engage children and young people. SARI are honoured to be supported by FIFA's Football For Hope programme. Football For Hope is a movement that uses the power of the game for positive social change. It is led by FIFA and streetfootballworld, a centre of expertise that connects a global network of organisations in the field of development through football.

During the final week of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, while the greatest players in the game were competing for the biggest prize in football, a very different international tournament took place in the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg. 

The Football For Hope festival 2010 brought together 32 delegations from organisations which are using football to effect social change around the world. These delegations took part in a fast-paced football tournament as well as a programme of exchange and intercultural dialogue. For the first time ever, the social dimension of the game was integrated into an official event of the FIFA World Cup.

The Football For Hope Festival 2010 was a celebration of the social dimension of the game and the achievements of the organisations that are part of the Football For Hope movement. They demonstrate the power of the game on and off the pitch.

"The Football For Hope Festival will be a unique opportunity for organisations using football as a tool for social development in every part of the world to interact with each other and to showcase their programmes on football's biggest stage - the 2010 FIFA World Cup," said FIFA President Sepp Blatter before the event. "We look forward to welcoming them to South Africa and experiencing together how football is contributing to building a better future."

Football For Hope selected SARI to take part in the Football For Hope festival 2010 due to its excellent commitment and track record in the field of Development through Football.

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