Many thanks to St. Patrick's Athletic for hosting Hatch Hall Direct Provision Centre in the first of our FARE ‪#‎FootballPeople‬ Action Weeks matches between Airtricity League clubs and their local Direct Provision Centre. A well drilled St Pat's gave Hatch Hall a humbling with a final scoreline of 11-0 but it was a great experience for all involved!

SARI are coordinating the FARE #FootballPeople Action Weeks against discrimination in Ireland. As well as arranging matches between Airtricity League clubs and residents of their local Direct Provison Centre  - as well as other communities at risk of discrimination - we will be travelling around the country delivering anti-discrimination football tarining workshops to children aged 11-14. If you would like your group, school or community to get involved then please contact us at: info@sari.ie

Get involved in the Fare Network!

Fare is a network of fan groups, ethnic minority groups, human rights organisations, amateur clubs and grassroots groups and activists. Together we fight discrimination in football and use the sport as a tool for social inclusion. Everyone should have the right to play, watch and enjoy it without fear of being discriminated.

Fare has more than 130 member organisations in over 35 European countries. The network fights all forms of discrimination, including racism, far-right nationalism, sexism, trans- and homophobia and discrimination against disabled people.

Football People action weeks

Every year in October Fare organises the Football People action weeks. During this period more than 2,000 activities take place in over 50 countries, which make it the largest initiative against discrimination in football worldwide. The events and activities celebrate diversity and promote social inclusion of marginalised groups. Everyone can get involved and make a positive change with direct action.

If you love football but hate discrimination, join the Fare Network and participate in the Football People weeks this year from 8-22 October 2015. Organise activities to fight discrimination and celebrate diversity in football! Let us know what you are planning.

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