The new season of Diverse City FC Soccernites starts on Monday 4th April at O'Connell School, North Richmond street, off North Circular Road, Dublin 1. Open to all girls aged 15 and above. Please bring trainers/astro trainers as no football boots - studs or blades - are allowed on this pitch. Will continue every Monday night till further notice. 7pm till 8pm.

Diverse City FC is part of SARI's Hijabs and Hat-tricks programme which is supported by Beyond Sport. 

Hijabs and Hat-tricks was started in early 2014 to give young Muslim women and girls the opportunity to play football. Diverse City FC was formed from the project and is open to all girls and young women aged 15 plus.

Hijabs and Hat-tricks was supported by streetfootballworld and a Sony Mobile Young Leader stipend which enabled SARI to initiate the project.

In October 2015 Hijabs and Hat-tricks won the Best New Project Award at the prestigous Beyond Sport Awards in London.  

For further information please contact Fadhila Hajji 083.462.2591 or Abdul Hajji 085.2192839